custom craft & unique brewing experiences

Welcome to My Local Brew Works, we’re not your typical brewery.

Would you prefer to have “off the rack” clothing? Or would you prefer something that’s been custom tailored to fit you? Our beers are custom brewed and tailored to your needs and tastes. They are exclusive to your event or commercial drinking establishment. We can further expand your experience and knowledge by having you hop on board our magic carpet for a full on brewing experience while we create your special libation.

Our brew day experiences make for a perfect pre party or team building event. Be it a shower, bachelor party, pre-birthday, or team building for restaurant or other staff. Join us while we take your brew from grain and water to a happily bubbling fermenter full of your soon to be pints of joy.

the custom craft process

Join us for a 1-on-1 Custom Craft Brewing experience. Our team of brewers will help you develop and brew your custom beer for your special event. Every aspect of custom crafting your beer, from grain to glass will be covered and explained to you. We are your personal nano brewery, capable of create custom draft house beers exclusive to restaurants and bars.


The first step in the process of making your personal craft beer involves consulting with our team of brewers. Stop by our brewery and discuss over in-house samples of our latest efforts, on the phone or online.

ingredient selection

Let the fun begin! We will help establish the parameters for your custom tailored craft brew based on your desired tastes and style of beer.

brew time

We set to work to brew your beer. Either with one of our hands on Craft Beer Experience sessions, where you and your group can hands on help us create your beer and soak in the brewing process. Or on our own our brew elves will create your beer. Your choice!

package the goods

Once your beer has fermented we will set to work and package your brew. It can go into kegs, our MLBW labeled bottles or your custom label if you so desire. The next step is, of course, to enjoy your custom quaff.

your taste,
our skill,
delicious results

let’s talk about beer

Drop us a line through the form below and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can , cheers!